Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project: {365Names}

Well, yesterday I saw this book about creating something every day for one year. Now, I've tried this idea plenty of times before--the photo-a-day, blog-a-day, drawing-a-day, journal-a-day--but nothing has ever stuck longer than 20 days. But, I became inspired. So, I've asked my good friend Cara to come along on this journey with me. Starting tomorrow, we will both be creating something every day. My chosen theme for the year (or until I run out of ideas, get frustrated, or just don't want to anymore) will be...my name.

I've always had an interesting relationship with my name. Though I was gifted the name "Lauren" at birth, by the age of 4 I declared I didn't like it and wanted to only be called "Laurie". And, so it was. That's how it was throughout my childhood, teenage years and work experiences. Then it changed.

In September 2005, I began college studying creative communications and I wanted my name to change. So, when in my very first advertising class, my professor asked if I wanted to be "Laurie" or "Lauren", I hesitated and then declared "Lauren". And, so it was. But, now I was left with all my family and friends who only knew me as "Laurie" to contend with. It was a difficult transition and I do not request that any of them call me "Lauren"...that's too strange. However, I introduce myself as "Lauren" and address myself as "Lauren".

It's a confusing relationship. If I'm talking with Erin or Korine, I know I'm "Laurie". But, if I'm talking with Karen or Brant, I know I'm "Lauren". Elijah and Emma call me "Auntie Laurie" and yet if I ask them my name they respond with "Lauren". Confused, yet?

Hence this project. Let it be known that I love the name Lauren. It's my name, and I think I'll keep it.