Saturday, October 06, 2012

{249} drive-by

today, my friend, erin, and i took a two-hour road trip out to kenora, ontario. such an incredibly beautiful and scenic drive it was! the leaves were all changing colour and there was snow on the ground and it was so lovely! our primary purpose for going to kenora was to visit the golden chicken tea store but we also visited several other cute shops they have. so jealous that a town of their size could be so much more "cultured" than my town. i wish we had a bookstore and a candy store and a tea store. such great products they had.

anyway, on our way to kenora we saw a sign for "laurenside inn" and i got all flustered looking for my phone but the sign was passed before i could get a picture. fortunately, we saw it again! except, at such high speeds, i could barely get a proper picture so this is as best as i could do. :)

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