Sunday, December 02, 2012

30 while 30

With every birthday, I always think back on the last year and am amazed at how time has passed in the blink-of-an-eye. I’ve learned a lot this year about simply enjoying this journey and valuing everything life has to offer me. This list of accomplishments—some rather small, some big—make me appreciate the awesomeness of getting older.
  1. Held a boa constrictor.
  2. Snowshoed along the Red River.
  3. Went through 22 bottles of hand sanitizer.
  4. Took four flights.
  5. Worked out a couple of times.
  6. Touched two cups: Stanley and Grey.
  7. Raked 4 million leaves.
  8. Started playing tennis regularly with my brother and actually won a match.
  9. Accumulated 56 more pieces of Pyrex than the 17 I started my 30s off with.
  10. Walked Paws in Motion for the fourth year in a row (this time with my mother in tow).
  11. Uncovered a dinosaur in my backyard…or maybe it was a cat.
  12. Became absolutely obsessed with the deliciousness of Ketchup Mini Crispis.
  13. Road tripped to Grand Forks twice thus contributing to the US’ struggling economy.
  14. Golfed from Girouxsalem to a PGA course.
  15. Watched 54 movies and read 22 books (Yes, I keep a list. Shocked?).
  16. Carried the same teal handbag the entire year.
  17. Maintained my weight (for the most part).
  18. Watched the entire Gilmore Girls series.
  19. Posted lots of Instagrams.
  20. Went to Folklorama for the very first time ever.
  21. Laughed. A lot.
  22. Took a road trip to Kenora just for tea.
  23. Purchased an iPhone. Subsequently, became addicted to my iPhone.
  24. Went to 8 football games, 1 baseball game and 0 hockey games.
  25. Witnessed how immeasurable my family’s love is for one another.
  26. Created 305 different “Laurens”.
  27. Made some new friends who have "life-long friendship" written on them.
  28. Did an on-air interview on CJOB.
  29. Attended one major concert, four concerts in the park and one high school musical.
  30. Continued to be grateful for all that I have...and all that I don’t.

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