Thursday, January 31, 2013

{366} favourites

i'm done! i'm officially done! i made it through all THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX  days!! holy smokes! i know that this was my intention all along but i never truly believed that i'd make it through. i did it.

some of you have asked:

1. will you do another 365-project? yeah, i'm gonna pass on that for awhile. i'm working on my project life right now but i don't think i'm going to attempt something as ambitiously creative as this name project for a while.
2. what have you learned most? i've learned that i hate the name "lauren". just kidding. i still love my name and i still get excited when i see it in print anywhere but i've really learned just how to expand my creativity every single day. what an accomplishment!

thank you to all who have faithfully checked out my blog every day! my viewership grew from a mere 85 hits in february 2012 to now reaching 2,000 hits in january 2013! that's some serious growth. i'm going to bow off for awhile now until i come up with a new idea. blogging every day has been amazing but also amazingly time-consuming. i've loved this but am exhausted at the idea of doing it again so soon. :)

done! done! done! yes! yes! yes!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats, Lauren! Great job! I really enjoyed your project. You have some pretty snazzy Photoshop skills. I liked your parody projects.