Wednesday, June 01, 2011

pinterest piques my interest

oh em gee. i am in love with this website You can just post pictures of things you've found online that you love. i keep an inspiration folder on my computer to help me out when i want to craft but don't know what to do but this site is just genius. my inspiration folder has quintupled in size just because of this site. i want to make so many things: family bingo cards, subway art, toys for the kids, t-shirt bags, etc. etc. etc. i love it! i keep thinking that i should take a week off of work to just craft but then on the other hand if i had all this extra time, i'd probably end up watching tv or sleeping or something. lol

and i do still have these secret dreams of getting a table at the next craft show and making stuff for it but on the other hand, i worry about a) finishing enough projects to make a table viable and b) that people may not like what i do and i won't sell anything! but, in the meantime i'm still going to keep making things and putting them up in my house or leaving them in my storage room/former office for a future date. no one says i have to get a table this year. maybe this is just the first step--to decide that this is something i want to do and start preparing projects for it.

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