Thursday, June 09, 2011

doilies? really?

awhile back i had gone into the mcc and discovered the most beautiful doily. that's right. i said it. i found a beautiful doily! who'd of thunk that they'd make beautiful teal doilies! and so the collection began. now, every time i go into the mcc, i must scavange through the stack of doilies for more awesomeness. i've got about 20. now, i just need to decide what i will do with them! i'm them together to make an open-faced blanket? or wall piece? or maybe mod podge them onto canvases? help!

another totally awesome find was this oneida cutlery box. i loved it. it sort of stinks, so i will rip out the fabric and stuff and sand and paint the interior but it is a fantastic piece to use for storage or as a display case. ack! i have soooo many pieces i need to work on. i need to take a week off to do this, seriously. i really do!

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