Friday, June 03, 2011

buttons, buttons

Wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to feature this week. So I decided that since I’d already done a post about re-doing my kitchen, I should stick with that theme this week. This is a piece I made and it hangs above my yellow breadbox in my kitchen. It was so simple to make!

For $2 I picked up this plain white canvas at the dollar store and for another $1 I bought a package of glue dots (in the craft area). I already had collected a fairly substantial amount of buttons (thank you again, MCC!) and have separated them by colour previously so it was just about finding the “cool” looking buttons for this project
First I chose the colours and gathered buttons in those corresponding colours and laid them out on the canvas. Once I felt like I had a good pattern, I stuck a little glue dot behind each button and stuck it on.
When I looked at the project, I figured something was missing so I went ahead and put white buttons along the entire board of the frame as well! That was such a great idea. I mean, I used all of the glue dots I had purchased but I got this totally wicked little art piece for less than $5 and I can say I made it.
What’s better than that?

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