Saturday, September 22, 2012

{235} mission: space

despite the fact that i am extremely susceptible to motion sickness, nausea, dizziness, etcetra, i wanted to go on as many rides in WDW as possible. so, when it came time to do mission: space, i was all for it!

it was definitely one of my favourite rides of all! first off, i am obsessed with the apollo program so any space-related activity is awesome. second, the introductory video was hosted by gary sinise! yes! then, it was so real and life-like that at the very end when the spacecraft is about to fall down that giant canyon, i was screaming "OH, NO! OH, NO! OH, NO!" it was awesome. but, upon exiting, i was definitely woozy. the world was spinning around me but i didn't want to admit that i felt as awful as i did. unfortunately it set me up for a nasty case of vertigo the following day. oh, well!

after exiting the ride, we got to make these neat videos of us rockin' out in our spaceship and then e-mail them to friends and family. so, i had to a) take a picture of my name on the screen and b) upload the video here. enjoy! ;)


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