Friday, March 02, 2012

{31} ecuadorian scarves

wednesday was all about scarves. last sunday i had purchased two beautiful scarves from my friend mark who is selling them as a fund-raiser to raise money for a program in a small village in ecuador. the scarves are soooo pretty.

so, i wore one on monday to work and one of my co-workers loved it so she asked me if i could bring some in. so, mark dropped off a bag of them at work on wednesday and the women of my office went mad for the scarves! it was very awesome and for such a good cause. i did end up buying a total of 6 but two were for gifts.

so, i decided to use the four that i kept for myself to spell out my name. i didn't think i'd have enough scarves to do it, but it worked out pretty well. the first scarf is solid black with a gold thread, the second scarf is grey with a silver thread, the third scarf is a gradient purple and teal with a gold thread and the last scarf is gradient beige and teal with a gold thread. i love them all!

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