Friday, March 09, 2012

{38} tealights

well, i had tried this once before. i started using the automatic lighter but my hand was getting tired so i decided to use matches instead. so, i've lit all the candles for the LAU and i started lighting the "R" with the match but i go to blow it out and i blew EVERYTHING out. i got so upset that i just threw all the tealights back in their bag and figured i'd had enough of that.

but, this time i decided to haul all the tealights to my parents' house and try it there. they had a much better lighter and it took me minutes to get everything lit. then i quickly hopped up on the chair, grabbed my picture and blew it all out. THEN, i had to worry about the smoke alarm going off because there was so much smoke in the kitchen. fortunately, it all worked out. ;)

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