Monday, March 05, 2012

{34} morse code

i saw a picture of morse code on pinterest and, well, anything that has to do with alphabets these days piques my interest (or pinterest, if you will). so, i figured i would have to use morse code for my next medium!

the "dit dit dot dit dot dit" comes from the broadway music, titanic. i LOVED that musical. have i seen it? no. but i got the cd soundtrack forever ago after seeing the cast perform a song on the old rosie o'donnell show. i listened to the soundtrack incessantly and would perform the songs in my parents' kitchen. because of my strange ability to recall the lyrics from nearly any song i hear, i still remember the lyrics to that musical even though it's been many years since i've popped that cd into a player (or, quite frankly, a cd into any sort of "player". old school!).

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