Sunday, March 18, 2012

{47} grain of rice

who among us did not buy a bracelet or necklace that included a grain of rice with your name on it? pretty sure we all did that on some vacation in our lives. i had mine done on the beach in Ensenada, Mexico. i was in Mexico on a missions trip and on our way back we stopped in Ensenada to see the whales and do a little souvenir shopping. i picked up a necklace with a single grain of rice with "lauren" written on it. where the necklace ever ended up is what i'd like to know!

so, i grabbed my smash pen (because it has such a fine tip) and wrote my name again and again on many different grains of rice until i finally got one where the letters were pretty clear. i took a picture of it next to a penny just to prove its utter tiny-ness.

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