Thursday, March 15, 2012

{44} google earth

i saw this idea originally online and then pinned it. i loved it so much that i just jumped all over the idea.

so, to make it personal and my own, i only used my birthplace (winnipeg, manitoba) as the location where i could pull letters from. so, the "a" was super easy because of the runways at the airport but the rest were decidedly more difficult. particularly, the "r". i wanted them to all have signifiance to my life but it ended up not working so well because i couldn't find "lauren" in any of the significant spots in winnipeg!

L= the location of our future IKEA (opening Fall 2012!) just off of Sterling Lyon Parkway
A=James Armstrong Richardson Internation Airport (aka Winnipeg Airport)
U=CanadInns Stadium (the former-and again current?-home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL football team)
R=Bird Construction Company just off of north Main Street (no signifiance--just looked like an "r")
E=the eternally-under-construction Canadian Human Rights Musuem
N=the Red River

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