Monday, July 02, 2012

{153} draw something

ever since i got my iPhone a few weeks ago i have been obsessively playing with certain apps. one is "my fitness pal" (so far i've lost 9 pounds! woot!), the other is "100 floors" (addicted), and the last is "draw something." i'm a creative being so i totally love that one. i hate when i log on and no one has played the turn yet so i can't draw anything.

well, i wanted to do my name for awhile so i told esther that i would waste a turn and draw my name instead of the actual word i was instructed to draw. then i just texted esther and told her what the answer was. that was the only this was going to work!

if anyone out there in cyberland wants to play with me, my username is "unlauren".

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