Thursday, July 05, 2012

{156} street sign

i'm officially getting to the point where i can't remember if i already did this idea or not. lol but, i checked and i haven't. i had googled for streets around the world called "lauren street" or "lauren lane" (my fave) but i hadn't actually done a street sign. phew! :)

for whatever reason, i have struggled to keep up this week so i feel like today is a little bit of a cop-out (tomorrow will definitely make up for today's lack of creativity!). i just merely found this picture on google. blah.

but it did inspire me to go and get a picture off of google maps of the original "twin oaks place" street sign and the house that inspired it all!

it's quite blurry (but that's google maps zoomed in!) but this is the street that i grew up on and the namesake for my blog. i think "twin oaks place" is the best street name in all the world. i have always loved it. it sounds so made-up and something you'd hear in a movie. i just think it's a lovely street name. i wish i could still have my address at 27 twin oaks place.

the above picture is the house i grew up in (at the end of the cul-de-sac on twin oaks place). it looks quite different than how i remember it--we had a lot more shrubbery and planters beautifying the house than these people from google maps do. it's quite a shame. my parents love to garden and our house and yard always looked immaculate.

the giant trees in the front of the yard (though barren in the picture) are what inspired the head graphic on my blog as well. i know that they are chinese elm trees but i always liked to think that they were the reason that the street was named "twin oaks" because there are two sets of twins that grew out of that one base of a tree. and then the person thought they were oak trees instead of elm trees. i don't know. my mom says that's boohockey.

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