Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{168} dog toys

i've done dog treats and other names involving george but i've never used his toys to create a name. *ack! or have i? too many names to keep track of. but i checked back and didn't see anything. oh, well.

of course, since g was involved, it turned into a total photo session because he is just so gosh darn cute. i just realized that his two favourite toys didn't make the cut. they are "flea" (a stuffed flea) and "renaud" (a red football that is his beyond absolute favourite toy in the whole entire history of the universe).

trying to get a picture of my name quickly before he ran through the toys and started taking them away!

so many toys he hasn't seen or played with in months!

he found his new gingerbread man toy that i picked out of the stuffed animals my mom was selling at the garage sale.

pretty pleased with himself!

family portrait.

after the name, we started playing with all the toys and chucking them around the house. it was quite fun and quite the mess.

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