Friday, July 06, 2012

{157} canad inns stadium

tonight the bombers play the alouettes in montreal. it's the second road game out of four to start the season. that's all because the new stadium was supposed to be ready for the july 26 home opener but it won't be ready until NEXT july. oh, well. i'm over it. it was a good decision to not try and get it half-assed done for the fall. i want a real fan experience where i get a private tour as a season-ticket holder and get to check out my seats before the first game of the season. for now, however, we shall remain at the canad inns stadium.

this is the only stadium that i have ever known. my dad remembers osborne stadium that is where great west life is located but i only have attended games here. it's quite exciting to think that i get to experience a brand new stadium. what's also totally weird is that i'll be going to the brand new stadium but i'm also young enough that i will likely see it torn down and a new one built within my lifetime. maybe i won't tell the builders that because that could be totally depressing.

i have just GOBS of memories from this place. enough to write a book about them. like my season working for the bombers in 2006. or being the PR assistant to the CFL during the grey cup festival in 2006. hangin' out with all the great players (Milt Stegall, Khari Jones, Whit Tucker, Darren Flutie, Danny McManus). spending a fair amount of time in the locker room! all the time tom canada and i spent talking and walking around the stadium (and when tom canada called me for the first time, we were going to meet at the stadium and i drove 100 km/h down portage avenue to get there within 5 minutes--what would've normally been a 10 minute drive).

so many memories! i'm going to miss it! at least we have another whole season to bid farewell again. :)

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