Sunday, July 08, 2012

{159} eyes shut

there are a few 365 blogs that i check every single day and this is one of them. i love her project because she is also doing words so it's easier to get inspiration from what she does (she creates the phrase "love one another" every day).

for friday's post, she did a blind contour drawing and i thought that was a great idea--create my name with my eyes shut. so, i took a similar lead and kept my eyes shut and used my left hand to guide my other hand around the paper...or so i thought.

i was sure that when i'd open my eyes that i had coloured everything in quite perfectly (i first drew the outlines and then attempted to colour them in) but it was way off! the outlines were okay because you keep your pen down the whole time but when it came time to use the pencil crayon, i completely lost focus on where i was colouring! great idea!

and whilst i coloured and drew, george slept on the table next to me. :)

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