Monday, July 02, 2012

a {day} off

yesterday was canada day so today was a day off! yay! this was how my day went:

a) slept in till 9:00 a.m.! woot! i took george out and immediately was struck by just how bloody hot it was outside already so i decided to take him for his walk straight away.

b) took george for his walk. only lasted 30 minutes because i was sweating bullets by then.

c) went to tim hortons for an x-large decaf coffee...and three raspberry timbits. oh em gee. these things are amazing. why did i let myself give in to temptation?!

d) watched two episodes of "top chef: texas"

e) decided to dress up as a 50s housewife and make muffins. i proceeded to only listen to frank sinatra and ray charles and dance around the kitchen in kitten heels.

f) ran out to shoppers to pick up a snack (ketchup mini-crispies). i shouldn't have them but since after 5, i cannot eat anymore till tomorrow evening, i said "screw it!"

g) watched another episode of "top chef: texas" whilst eating said mini-crisipies. delish.

h) felt super guilty about eating so much crap that i decided to go on over to A&E's and weed there for a while. i was thinking about a half hour.

i) show up at A&E's exactly as steve is pulling onto the driveway. lol i had even gone to so much effort as to drive the long way around so i could scope out whether anyone was at their house because i didn't want to weed while someone was there. just my luck. no, it was good. steve suntanned, drank beer and entertained me while i weeded.

j) euch. drank 90ml of senokot in order to clean my bowels. i'm in the hospital tomorrow having a small bowel series done (TMI?). not fun. can't eat after 5:00 p.m. and can't eat or drink at all tomorrow. have to be in the hospital before the sun rises. fantastic fun in store for tomorrow.

k) showered all the spiders off of me and all the poison ivy that i crawled in.

kl started this blog post.

m) wrote the next blog post.

n) watched "community". oh, gosh. love love this show.

o) got my stuff all ready for tomorrow's big hospital visit.

p) watched some more tv (a little "gilmore girls"!)

q) went to sleep. time to get rested up for tomorrow.

(the only part i left out was the definite-TMI stuff about the after effects of senokot. lol)

it was a good/interesting day!

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