Tuesday, April 03, 2012

{63} friendly names

after having a wonderful book club discussion, cara and i started talking just a little bit about our projects. she mentioned this fabulous idea that she had (don't want to spoil it!) and it inspired me (yet again!) to try something but with my own twist.

so, i went home and spent the last 45 minutes taking pictures of my name written in cards and notes over the last six years (since i started using the name 'lauren'). i got just enough to force this name out in my friends' handwriting. i love it. i hope that they love it too. and if people wonder why i didn't use their handwriting it's because a) you used the wrong name or b) you didn't use any name! lol maybe next time...

(i won't identify everyone online but i did go ahead and tag them all on facebook in a sneak peek last night!)

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