Thursday, April 26, 2012

{86} graphic cards

i had bought a really large pack of these sassafras cards from peachy cheap about a year (or more) ago. i had never used any of them in any sort of way, so i was packing them up for the upcoming garage sale. but then i spotted one card that said "u is for umbrella" and i was inspired to cut the cards into the letters of my name quickly! a super simple project for today but at least these cards got some use before their sister-cards get sold. :)

(the original cards are below. they are actually pretty cute. i may need to keep the rest after all...)

whilst i was packing stuff up and pricing scrapbook items for the garage sale--i'm selling a TON of stuff--young g laid in his bed beneath the table in my craft room and snoozed. well, except for this one moment right when i took a picture because he heard the rustle of a leaf three blocks away and it frightened him. ;)

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