Sunday, April 15, 2012

{75} zippers

while i was at crop and create a few weeks ago (see this post), i did a make-and-take to learn how to make a zipper brooch (pictured below). it was a little complicated and i totally burned my fingers numerous times with the hot glue gun but the end result was amaze (new word thanks to @giulianarancic!). so, i ended up buying a whole bunch of zippers to make into brooches and give away to my dear friends. so, i took my black zippers and laid them out on the floor. let me just tell you that trying to coerce zippers into any sort of shape is near impossible so this name is quite abstract!

(the zipper brooch i made)

(of course, g was part of the action...sort of. he laid on his bed and pouted. a second after this picture was taken, though, he jumped up and ran through the zippers so i'm glad i'd already snapped a pic of them!)

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