Monday, April 23, 2012


confession: i love "giuliana and bill"! i mean, i love the show and i think they are the awesomest of couples. i totally had a crush on bill when he was on the apprentice nine years ago and i think giuliana is "amaze-balls" on fashion police! so, their show is just super fun and wonderful. of course, i've been following them for a few years and completely shedding tears watching them go through their infertility struggles and, more recently, giuliana's breast cancer. it's been an incredible thing to watch and see how strong they are and an inspiration as a couple. so, i was over the moon when i saw an article on people's website this morning saying they were expecting a baby! yippee! i was totally a few minutes late for work today because i had to watch the video of it on the today show's website. i'm so happy for them. i'm sure that if i lived in chicago (or LA) we'd totally be besties. :)
(watch the video here)

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