Saturday, April 21, 2012

{81} worldly streets

i was so hoping to find a city or town with the name "lauren" but i couldn't find any! maybe i didn't look hard enough...hmmmm. but, after a VERY extensive search on google maps, i discovered "lauren" street names in SIX different countries. score! to you it may seem non-labour-intensive because i'd simply just type in "lauren lane", right? not so, my friends! google only shows the first four or five similar places with the words you typed in but there could be many many more. so, i had to actually search for a "lauren drive in scotland" and then see what happened. of course, i knew my countries were limited to english-speaking locations so that made the search a little narrower but, dude, i still totally searched for a street in tokyo that began with "lauren". :)

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