Wednesday, April 04, 2012

{64} pencil crayons

do you remember "laurentian" pencil crayons? they were the pencil crayons of choice before crayola took over the industry. they were the pencil crayons we always had as kids. see, they had these white blocks on them for parents to write their childrens' names on them so they wouldn't get lost or mixed in with others at school. my brother always had his name written on them. but, what did i get? my mom would take a scissor and scratch off the "tian" part of the brand name so all that was left was the "lauren". genius, right? well, it totally embarassed me. so, eventually i started writing "laurie" on the white part because i didn't like all this "lauren" nonsense.

fortunately, since my mother kept our old pencil crayons in a big pail (which i have now inherited), i still found a few of the original "lauren" pencil crayons, still with the scratched pieces on them. love it.

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