Monday, May 14, 2012

{104} new plants

i picked up my plants last friday and got all my planting done over the weekend! i always like to save the tags from all the plants because a) i always think i'll do something creative with them and b) because i want to remember which plants i used in case i want to use them again next year.

fortunately, i will get to do with this time around! using an x-acto knife, i carefully cut out the letters to my name in six different flower tags and then placed them next to their blooms for the picture. it's always tough at the beginning of summer when you see your plants so small. i get so impatient for them to be full and colourful! even though i only planted them two days ago, i'm already wandering around the yard checking on their progress and hoping to see some new blooms. a few more weeks, and i'm sure they'll look spectacular.

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