Saturday, May 05, 2012

{95} time lapse

i had been playing around with the "youcam" on my computer and, specifically, the security camera settings on it. i had set it up to record george for a few hours while i was not at home because i was curious to see what curious george would be up to while i was gone. he ended up not even appearing on the video so who knew where he was! lol

but, the idea did inspire me to try doing my name using the time lapse feature. it took FOUR tries but i finally got a video that i was happy with. the first two videos, i moved through my papers way too quickly so you couldn't even see what they said. the third video the lighting was so horrible that you couldn't read the letter! finally, on this fourth attempt, i held each letter for 70 seconds each and then did whatever while i was recording. i didn't want to just hold it perfectly still--i wanted some movement.

so, here it is! even george participated in a few shots. :)

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