Thursday, May 17, 2012

{107} wingdings

i promise to not do a digital post tomorrow! i've just got completely caught up in going digital the last few entries.

while creating yesterday's name in excel, i decided i wanted to see my name in wingdings. at first i wrote it in all lowercase but that read as blocks and circles. totally visually unappealing. so, i tried all caps and liked the result. i wonder if it means something: the L means i can get sad sometimes. the A means that i totally am at peace and love there is no conflict. the U is a cross because i have faith. the R is because i love the sunshine and being outside in the sun with george. the E is because the R is so awesome that it needs to be pointed out twice. and the N is...hmm, i'm not a fan of the poison symbol, so i'm not sure what that one means. lol

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