Saturday, May 26, 2012

{116} i left my heart in...winnipeg?

i was officially not feeling creative today so i had to (as if it is some sort of punishment) resort to getting an idea from my 365 book. for day 116 it suggested to use old maps. so, i picked six places in winnipeg (the only map i had) that had left an impression on me and have influenced my life and hold a dear place in my heart. is that even possible with winnipeg? well, yeah. sort of. i've detailed each one below.

the "l" represents the red river college campus on notre dame. i spent two years there studying to become a high school teacher! wha? yes, 'tis true. i carpooled in every day for two years and have some amazing memories with friends there (who i no longer have any contact with, unfortunately). i have memories of parking tickets and lots of laughter. but, it is also the place where i was on 9/11 and so, for that, it will always be memorable.

the "a" is for st. vital shopping centre! lol but, it's true. a piece of my heart is in that shopping centre. growing up, that was always the mall of choice when we'd make it in to the big city. i have great memories hanging out there with renae and going on weekend shopping trips to the mall!

the "u" is for canadinns stadium. i bid it farewell last october. then again in november. and now we'll be back there again for the 2012 season. oh, well. life is never dull with the cfl. i had been attending football games my entire life but i didn't get invested in it until 2002 and then things changed. because of the blue bombers, i went on to be a contestant on "sideline idol", i went to college to become a sports journalist and even worked for the team for a year. this place holds a zillion amazing memories for me. hanging out in the dressing room (a lot of good memories there! ;)), watching tom canada trip on the sidewalk while we were walking around the stadium, and watching the bombers play some spectacular football. good times.

the "r" is for the courts of st. james where i lived for two years while going to college to become that aforementioned sports journalist. i found this apartment after going to view a different and smaller apartment in the same complex with heather loewen. i saw my apartment and it was huge and beyond a rent that i could afford so i told them..."i'll take it!" that apartment was the downfall for my debt but it was also a fantastic place to live. i've got so many memories there. i still sorta miss it.

the "e" is for the downtown red river college campus. this is where i spent two years becoming that non-existent sports journalist. but, i had the best two years of my life there. the friendships and experiences i made on that small city block, will carry me through the rest of my life. what an incredible time of my life.

the "n" is for the university of winnipeg campus. again, i spent another two years at this campus studying for my bachelor of arts and bachelor of education. i hated it. with everything in my being. but, it still holds a special place in my heart because i have so many other memories. i was hit by a car there. i walked by a murdered body there. i skipped dozens of classes there. i stole someone's locker there. good times. but, really. i did dislike it intensely because it was a place that required you to be an extrovert and i am a through and through introvert so i was miserable. it was an experience.

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