Thursday, May 31, 2012

{121} button letters

can it be possible that this is my first name using buttons despite my absolute obsession with them? 'tis true! well, this one took me a few days to make actually. who knew that hot gluing all these buttons together would be so time consuming! but it was totally fun to figure out how to shape each letter using my buttons. i thought this would use up most of my white buttons but it didn't. i'm still left with an enormous amount of white buttons. that's okay. i'll use them again for another name on another day.

the small white buttons from my collection fit perfectly (if not overflowing) in this beautiful pyrex friendship bird dish. it's one of my fave dishes (and, yes, that is a primary green mixing bowl in the background).

a close up of all the buttons used. my small brown buttons are stored in candy jars in the background.

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