Thursday, May 24, 2012

{114} dust bunnies

i was exiting my craft room and thought that either my button cabinet had been painted grey or there was a serious layer of dust on top of it. of course, one finger swipe later i realized that it really was just crazy full of dust. that one finger swipe also led to me quickly writing my name in the dust before cleaning it off! it seems that often my names are coming to me accidentally and they come from simple things that we normally do--like, who doesn't write their name in dust when they have the opportunity? or, maybe it's not your name, but you write some sort of message, don't you? it's a pretty normal act. i just got a great purpose for it. :)

ah, my button cabinet. it once held dirty screws and rusty old nails but i re-purposed it into a neat holder for all of my buttons! it totally makes me laugh, though, whenever i hear jerry seinfeld's joke about who keeps all those little buttons you get with a new jacket or pair of pants. and he goes on to say "what kind of freak keeps them in little drawers and pulls each one going 'where is that button?!'" lol

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