Monday, August 06, 2012

{188} lotion

i love bath and body works products (hello, plug!) and use their hand sanitizers religiously. i also am a big fan of their soaps and body sprays. it's weird but i tend to buy a lot of their lotions but never use them. who bothers to put on lotion anymore? it's such a hassle. but, nevertheless, i love the scent of this one kind called "charmed life" and i decided that before i would get lathered up, i'd first glob it onto my arm and spell out my name!

when we used to take our trips out to grand forks, bath and body works was always one of the major stops that we'd have to take when there. we'd stock up on everything for the next 12 months! now we have a couple of the stores in winnipeg and seems that we still find the need to only stock up whilst in grand forks. can't break tradition!

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