Thursday, August 30, 2012

{212} big brother key

gah! last night's episode of "big brother" was the GREATEST EPISODE EVER! oh em gee. dan will officially go down in history as the best big brother player ever. so, to recap (mostly for me because it was so awesome that i want to relive it again):
- during the veto competition, dan receives 24-hours punishment in solitary confinement
- he comes out of confinement in a weird daze and people are weirded out
- he sits everyone down in the living room and welcomes them to "dan's funeral"
- he has heartfelt things to say about everyone and it is so touching that they're all crying and i'm crying
- he saves his final words for danielle, his closest partner in the game
- instead of some wonderful words for danielle, he completely obliterates her. he tells her that she is dead to him. that she knows the things she said and did and she has to live with them. maybe after the game they can become friends again. whaaaaa?
- danielle bursts into tears for a long while and everyone is comforting her (no kidding!)
- dan tells frank he wants to talk to him privately to read him a bible verse and apologize in private
- dan actually tells frank the truth about all the alliances and how ian played frank and boogie the week prior
- frank believes dan (dan was, in fact, being truthful this time) and they decide to team up and go to the end as the final two (this, coming after frank flipping out on how much he hates dan!)
- frank convinces jenn to use her veto on dan
- dan tracks down danielle (who is utterly depressed) and tells her it was all a rouse. she is terribly upset until she realizes that he really did it just to save her ass too and get her further in the game.
- danielle asks him why he couldn't have warned her first and he says because then she wouldn't have cried so much and gotten all that sympathy from the house. she has to keep up the act, though.
- veto ceremony happens, jenn uses the veto on dan and everyone's jaws drop!!
- frank goes to the front to say who the replacement nominee is and he totally targets ian and tells him that he knows what he did to boogie but since he can't nominate ian, he'll nominate his closest ally (and ian's jaw drops! and he's mouthing "noo!")
- frank nominates britney! to back door her!

best episode ever! and i actually like britney and want her to stay but i love the game play so much more than any individual player so this is just the best thing ever.

oh, my name! some day i'll be on big brother and humiliate my family and friends with my lying, cheating, deceiving and debauchery.

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