Thursday, August 09, 2012

{191} tin foil

i've seen the tin foil idea in my "make something 365" book many times and i keep putting it off because it seemed too easy. well, today easy was what i was looking for! and it wasn't like this took me 30 seconds to do. it did take awhile to fold everything turned out alright. :)

i feel like i need to beef up some of my posts with more interesting tidbits so here is a mildly amusing story about foil. several weeks ago i'd invited my friend steve over for some of my famous butternut squash fries. i have them all prepared and ready to go in the oven when i realize i have no foil. so i tell steve to bring foil. he has no foil. he goes to co-op and they have no foil. so...i had to resort to a massive amount of cooking spray in order to prevent the squash from baking on to the pan. well, several hours later when i was cleaning up i discovered not one, not two, but FOUR boxes of foil that i had purchased and stored away in case i ever had a foil emergency. steve said that was "typical lauren". he's right.

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