Friday, August 24, 2012

{206} playbook

game day! let's see if the bombers can pull out two wins in a row (even if it is against the defending grey cup champs, the bc lions...). i'm optimistic! my fingers are crossed!

so, since it is time for another football-related post (geez, i have to do another 10 of these and i'm running out of ideas rapidly!), i decided to do a playbook name. last year, or the year before, the CFL held a contest and people could submit plays and then they could be chosen by the head coaches and actually used in real games. wouldn't it be awesome, if i'd submitted this one? i know it would have been the most psychotic and horrible play to run ever but it sure would've been fun to submit. :)


  1. Looks complicated. Is the circle the ball? Great way to do your name!

  2. :) the circles are the offensive players and the exes are the defensive players. this is one of my most favourite names so far. :)