Thursday, August 16, 2012

{198} press box pass

i had some pretty unbelievable experiences when i was in college and many (if not, most) were football-related. this was one of them. the grey cup festival was going to be in winnipeg in november 2006 and so i managed to get a job as a press box assistant for that year which would mean that i would also end up with a role during the grey cup festival later in the year.

the press box assistant role was simple. watch the game. make photocopies of stats. hand them out after each quarter. at the end of the game i (along with either sean or jordan) would go down to the dressing rooms and hand one of the team's staff the stats (yes, i had spent many an occasion in the dressing rooms--more stories about that for another time and another blog! lol).

you'll notice on this picture that the "en" are glued on. that's because the pass originally said "laurie" because my e-mail at that time was still spitting things out with my former name. so, that's what they had seen and that's what they added. i, of course, went home and added the "en" over top of the "ie" so it would be the name i wanted. just another one of those examples where the name change caused issues!

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