Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{197} yoga poses

i've been getting back into my yoga routine again. i love yoga because it's the one type of exercise that i'm moderately good at. i'm fairly flexible so i can accomplish many of the poses (albeit not some of the insane ones that require balance or turning my body into two halves). so, at first i thought i'd find the poses and re-create them myself but then i took one picture and saw all that cellulite so i changed my mind. instead i took pictures from out of a book i have (noted below). these are some talented flexible people.

who spies george??


  1. You look very tranquil. Clever idea for your name.

    Very inspiring - must start exercising again...

  2. Great idea! I love to do yoga with my 6 year old son, we're not very good but we enjoy it :)
    Cute George!