Friday, August 10, 2012

{192} dharma initiative

i've been missing my regular fix of LOST lately. i mean, sure i love watching gilmore girls, keeping up with the kardashians and big brother. but, every once in awhile, i crave a serial drama that is full of so much weirdness that my brain hurts.

i was definitely a LOST-obsessed watcher. i even subscribed to the fanzine. did you even know they made one? well, they did. and i happily awaited its arrival each month! for my 30th birthday, i received the LOST-encyclopedia. i'm still only about half way through it. i really need to pop those dvds back into the player.

i wish i knew someone who'd never watched it but wanted to watch it so we could watch it again from the beginning. you know, back when you thought the whole show would be about plane crash survivors finding food and shelter. not about time travel, after-life and the dharma initiative.

which leads me to my name. my most favourite part of the show was when it was focused on the dharma initiative which was primarily in seasons 3 and 5. definitely my favourite. i loved the time travel in season 5 when half the characters were stuck in the 70s and actually became part of the DI. so, in my ode to LOST and the dharma initiative, i present the lauren initiative.


  1. Hi Lauren, I've really enjoyed looking at your posts tonight- so very creative and fun!
    I'm just starting a 365 project and was looking around the blogging world for inspiration :)

    Great project! I'll be peeking in to see what new cool stuff you come up with!!


  2. LAUREN! I'm still one of those people who believed it was just about plane crash survivors!!!

    I love this project - we were just introduced to the Dharma Initiative a few episodes ago, so this made sense to me. ;)

    Keep it going!