Friday, February 10, 2012

{10} shoes

i don't even have all my shoes at home! i have 4 or 5 pairs still at work and if i'd known i was going to do this project today, i would've brought them home. oh, well. i do love my flats. there are only two pairs of kitten heels and one pair of actual heels in this bunch and i never wear any of them. i'm short. why pretend i'm not short?

oh, and can i just say how thankful i am to have an even number of letters in my name to make it easier to spell it out in a 2x3 format? oh, the frustration i would have if my name had 5 or 7 letters. grrr. this makes life so much simpler. it's like my parents knew i would do this project one day so they were looking out for me.

ten days in! so far, so good!

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