Sunday, February 26, 2012

{26} the academy awards

one of my favourite days of the year! i love awards shows. i've always watched them since i was super little. i just love seeing what everyone wears and who wins awards. even when i was a kid and i didn't know anything about the movies nominated, i enjoyed watching the shows.

tonight is our annual oscars-viewing party at andrew and erin's. andrew has ballots for everyone and points are awarded for each category (some are worth more than others). two years ago, i blew everyone out of the water and won the whole thing. that year i had only seen ONE movie out of the entire list of everything nominated. this year is a different story. out of the 9 best picture nominees i have seen: extremely loud and incredibly close, the help, midnight in paris, moneyball and the tree of life. pretty good for a non-movie watcher like myself!

so, of course my name had to involve the oscars in some way. i at first wanted to make a whole bunch of statuettes and then create my name from them but i opted to create my name digitally using the names of ever actor nominated, the best pictures, best director and a few others (because i still needed more!).

(yes, and copyright of the graphic i used goes to the academy of motion arts and sciences)

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