Thursday, February 02, 2012

Project: {365Names} -- Part Two

I'm super stoked about the project and to share my creations.
So, it is day two of creations. I won't say what I've done but I'm pretty darn pleased at its fun-ness quotient so far and the fact that neither project has taken more than 5 minutes to create. i trust that there will be projects that take much longer but for now I'm good.

Now, what is the purpose and goal of the project?
1. I want to stick with a project for more than a month or two. I want this to keep on going and not get frustrated if I miss a few days here and there. I'm trying to be focused on the end product which will be my name in 365 different forms.

2. I'm sort of hoping that once I've picked up some momentum (maybe after 1 or 2 months) that I'll make a link on my facebook so that people are aware of the project. Then I'm anticipating that people will send me there own pictures of my name that they've seen and I'll be able to include those as well! Wouldn't that be neat?

3. Expand my creativity beyond sorting buttons, pinning things on Pinterest and scrapbooking 5 times per year. I'm a creative person, and I want to have this small moment each day where I get to do a quick project that's based on a theme.

I don't know what tomorrow's creation will be, but I'm totally excited about it!

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