Monday, February 06, 2012

{6} ode to tim hortons

i've been known to drink my fair share of tim hortons' coffee. i'm addicted. if i can't get one on the way to work, i text one of my co-workers to go get one for me on their way to work. i used to take my coffee with one milk and two sugar but since i've had my lifestyle change, i've been drinking it with three sweetener (it started off as one, but i've worked my way up to three!).

so, i took three old cups and cut out the letters of my name from the cups and then placed them in an honour-ring around my beloved large (formerly extra-large) coffee. yum.

ps. only after uploading my photo did i notice that i placed the letters to my name in a counter-clockwise fashion! why would i do that?! oh, well. mistakes make us human.

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