Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{29} hot glue

there are just so many awesome pins that i'm finding on pinterest and using as inspiration! i'm loving the creativity that i'm finding on there. today, i was inspired by this pin and decided i would incorporate that idea on an old frame instead. so, i went down to the ol' mcc and had my mind set on getting a really big frame that had an oil painting on it. i found one but it was marked at $20.00! uh, no thanks. so, i kept looking and found this very small 8.5x11 frame for $2.50 and felt that was much more reasonable.

then i drew my name in pen on the frame and then traced it with the hot glue gun. i did two coats of the hot glue because i wanted it to really pop on the frame. once that was dry, i  grabbed some white acryclic paint and put 3-4 (i can't remember!) coats of white paint over the whole thing. did it turn out exactly like i wanted? no. but i still think it was a neat idea and i like that i invested some good time into today's piece. this one's a keeper too.

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