Thursday, February 23, 2012

{23} lipstick on the mirror

first, i actually had to see if i owned any lipstick. i don't do lipstick. it just does not work for me. but i liked the idea of writing with it on the mirror in the bathroom. of course, then i remembered that i must have lipstick because how else did i do the post called "39 kisses"?

today was a weird day. it was a good day except for the fact that i totally wiped out on the ice on the sidewalk outside of my house. b-rutal. plus, there were three neighbors on the sidewalk at that time and they all saw me go down. i just laughed and said i was fine but as soon as i got inside and shut the door i went "owwwwwwww". my tailbone is totally bruised. in fact, it made me so upset that i went and bought candy to make myself feel better! no! what about the post yesterday about fitness and motivation? well, this was a test. and i failed. i guess that's why i will get up tomorrow and start all over again and remind myself how strong i am and that i do have willpower. i lost 75 pounds for sh*t's sake. i can do this!

back to the task at hand (i jazzed up the picture by upping the contrast by 300% in PS):

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