Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{21} paperclips

well, this didn't turn out exactly the way i had planned. it was originally supposed to be embroidery thread wrapped around the letters of my name but i couldn't figure out how to do that properly. so, that might have to be a project for another day (only 344 to go!).

i used 24 paperclips and bent them in various ways to make the letters of my name. they are held together with little strips of scotch tape! then i realized i didn't know how to display them because they were white (which i originally had thought would be totally advantageous). i tried hanging them in the window but after looking at the picture i realized you couldn't see them. i do want to do a camouflauge day but today was not supposed to be that day! so, i ripped off the artwork from my dining room wall, strung the letters from my empty frame and placed the frame back on the wall.

of course that totally prompted a re-organiztaion of my artwork so what was in the kitchen is now in the dining room and what was in the dining room is packed away and one of my pieces that was packed away is now in the kitchen. just keeping it real.

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