Friday, February 24, 2012

{24} cereal box

i was totally inspired yesterday by this blog ( she is also doing a 365-day project and i love (pardon the pun) that we are both doing words every single day. her creations are way more impressive than mine but she has inspired me to get more creative and work a little harder at what i'm doing. i'm definitely going to follow her progress!

so, i saw how in one of her posts she created these pop-outs from a cereal box so i dumped out my fibre one and ripped apart the box. then i just folded the box in on itself, grabbed my x-acto knife and started slicing. it went really fast (i'm less about perfection than getting the task done) but i do enjoy the result.

the question now is, do i keep these things? i mean, some of them are dispensable but would i keep something like this? i'm saying 'no' because what would i do with it? maybe if i knew someone named 'lauren' i would gift all this over to her but i think i'll just chuck 'em. :)

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