Thursday, February 16, 2012

{16} sign language

this was actually one of my first ideas written do my name in sign language. oh, please tell me that i got the letters correct and that they are facing the right way!

when i was a tween, my friend renae and i learned how to do the alphabet in sign language and i remember that we would sit next to each other in church and "talk" to each other throughout the whole service in sign language! of course, that brings me to my next memory when we got in SO MUCH TROUBLE because our moms could see us mis-behaving from across the church and my mom came all the way over to us and told us to "smarten up!". yup, definitely one of my most embarassing moments ever.

i'd love to be able to communicate in sign language so that i could work with deaf people, and especially deaf children. i'd love to be able to do that type of charitable work. if only there was a sign language class available to take here in steinbach. maybe some day there will be!

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