Monday, February 13, 2012

{13} blue bombers memorabilia

looking around the house for something nearby that would inspire a different medium, i gravitated towards some of my memorabilia. it started out easy enough...the rally towel, the lanyard, the pins and badges. but then it got tough because i have a lot of larger items like caps and helmets and books and posters but those were going to be too big. so, i had to get creative in my layout!

of course, curious george was ever present and he was upset that he was not allowed to steal away the "car dice" from the "R" and chew on them. so, he chose instead to lie down and furiously pout while i finished laying out the letters and taking a picture.

side note: *sigh. i accidentally typed the title as "{234}" and that made me wistful for the day when i can actually type that in!

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