Wednesday, February 08, 2012

{8} sweetener

is it sweetner or sweetener? i mess that one up all the time. i like "en" in the middle of the word, so i shall run with that.

this is my life. i cannot have any sugar. really, i shouldn't have sweetener either but i could only take that for so long. from march 15, 2011 until november 27, 2011 i did not eat sugar in any form in any instance at any time. ever. never a single tiny little morsel of cheat. beyond that, i did not eat any form of yeast, dairy or gluten either. how did i manage that? now that i've introduced those foods slightly back in my diet, it's been nearly impossible to avoid them again. i'm trying, though. at least during those 8.5 months i lost the 75 pounds i needed to get off my frame and get out of the severe obese-obese-overweight range until i hit a normal weight a mere 6 days before my 30th birthday.

wow, overshare on the 365-project. anyway, here i am. sugar-free but still sweet.

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