Friday, February 17, 2012

{17} books on a "shelf"

i'm sure i'll use books again at some point but i loved this idea. i at first tried to line up the books like this on  my actual book shelf but it proved to be much too much too small so i had to create a "shelf" on the floor. actually i had to do it twice. at first i got all the way up to "laure" and then i ran out of wall space for the "n" so i had to move everything to a new wall! and then george went up to the books to sniff them and i panicked that my precariously placed "a" and "r" books would topple over! fortunately, they stayed in place.

i know that some of these authors are going to roll in their graves (so to speak, because some of them are still alive) because i placed them next to books that they do not want to be associated with but...whatev. these are the books i have read and the ones displayed on my shelves.

they are: apollo 13, harry potter and the half blood prince, the bourne identity, shopaholic & baby, shopaholic & sister, the wizard of oz, sisterhood everlasting, seinlanguage, committed, mini-shopaholic (sense a theme?), wicked, confessions of an ugly stepsister, slammerkin, the girl and the dragon tatoo, eats shoots and leaves, persuasion, the night circus, bossypants, everyone worth knowing, to kill a mockingbird, irma voth, goin' deep, fever pitch and dispatches from the edge.

(i've decided to try to include a picture of myself as often as i can along with my name. either creating it or with the medium used.)

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